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This is the information you've been praying for!

If you’re tired of carrying the burden of pain and discomfort and you're fed-up with the medical system having no answers for you, look no further. Peace Over Painexamines the body as a whole unit so you can truly understand the cause of chronic conditions.​

And Many Other Chronic Issues!

In this short but powerful book, Dr. Kevin Reese lifts the curtain on the medical monopoly and uncovers why they can ONLY manage your chronic conditions. He goes on to provide his revolutionary solution for correcting the body quicker and more efficiently than any other therapeutic approach. Using his unique method, he claims that your health burden can be eliminated in months, not years.

This is healing wisdom ahead of its time!

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SUNLIGHT SONNY: The Children's Health Hero

So how did Sonny become the world's first health hero for children!? Read this fun and educational story to your children to promote the importance of fruits and veggies! Then make it all come to life by downloading the pod-toon full of character voices, sound effects, and original music and turn this story into the ultimate health tool your kids!

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In 2010, a college student set out to produce a documentary based on a creepy incident reported by a tabloid magazine in nearby Elberton, GA. While capturing the interviews and raw footage, a bone chilling mystery unraveled on camera that changed his life forever. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the film was never released. This book, is the making of...

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