Dr. Reese talks most important mindset, pain relief , ho'oponopo & more on the Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Podcast w/ Christine Carlson


Front Page Controversy


Dr. Reese talks about his new book and clinic on fox 61 Morning News


Dr. Reese talks the cause of cancer, cholesterol, posture and more on 2 Be Blunt Podcast w/ Peezy


Sit Down Interview w/ Nancy Barrow for the Peace Over Pain Book Release


Dr. Reese interviewed by Craig Ruddy on IGTV

In this personal interview, Craig Ruddy asks great questions to get the scoop from Dr. Reese on how and why he quit radio, why his radio legacy is still in tact, harassing Nicki Minaj, interviewing Drake 2x in 2 days, how and why he became a doctor, being a boss, being a creative and authoring books, almost getting his own reality TV show, how he's dealing with the pandemic, his meditation album, new podcast and more.


Dr. Reese interviewed on the EPIC Magazine Video Stream

From DJ to DR, Kevin Reese literally has a way with words that brings you to a place of calm, relaxation, and zen. Samantha and Dr. Reese have a candid conversation about staying calm during chaos as well as how Dr. Reese created a super-hero like non-other. A super-hero that children can really look up to. One that is needed now more than ever. Sonny Sunlight vs Mr. Junkerston. Zen, boats, rowing and books all are touched upon in this awesome dialogue.


Dr. Reese on Fox 61 Again

Dr. Reese is interviewed by Stan Simpson in February 2020 to talk about his spiritual transformation and much more. 

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Healing is in Your Hands Podcast

Dr. Reese stops by the HEALING IS IN YOUR HANDS studio to talk about helping kids be healthy through his new nonprofit organization and his cartoon character, Sunlight Sonny.



In this candid interview, Dr. Reese talks about how a grape sized tumor inspired his book, why he gets compared to Dr. Sebi, how he's not spiritually advanced enough to be a healer, why he's sick of social media, and why he's moving on to writing novels with Glen Colello for CATCH A HEALTHY HABIT Podcast.


104.9 FM, WIHS

Gerry Williams caught up with Kevin to talk about his amazing natural healing testimonials.


Walk n Talk w/ Abdul-Rahmaan

NE Video catches up with Kevin at the beautiful CT River to talk about why he left radio, what EAT THE SUNLIGHT is and what tips people can make now to get healthier.



Revealing interview with Nancy Barrow as she talks to Kevin about the ETS120 results, not working with cancer sufferers and more


FYI Network: National TV

Kevin shared his story on PLANT BASED w/ Nafsika on A&E's FYI network.


Fox 61 TV: Stan Simpson Show

Kevin was interviewed on Fox 61’s Stan Simpson Show to talk about reclaiming your health and his new book

Lite 100.5-FM WRCH

In this Interview, Kevin digs deep into using his new line of medicinal teas to heal, the different blends, their functions, the ancient practice of herbal medicinal as whole and more!


The Big Movement Podcast

In this revealing interview with Bryan Ingram, Kevin talks about detoxing his mom, his journey and how others can reclaim their health as well.


1410-AM WPOP

Dr. Reese was interviewed on WPOP’s Vinnie Penn Show to Talk About America’s Prescription Drug Problem


97.1-FM WIHS

Dr. Reese was interviewed on WIHS's Gerry Williams show to Talk About the Importance of Detox, Fruits, Healing Illness & More


1360-AM WDRC

Kevin was interviewed on WDRC 1360’s Mary Jones show to talk about the Protein Myth, Living Sick-Free, Advice on Morning Ritual, and New Seminar!



In This Very Open Interview, Kevin Talks His New Medicinal Teas, Herbalism, Being Ethically Vegan, Using Tea Over Tinctures, Having The Ambition to Change Your Health & More on Hot 937 FM


Truth is Scary TV

Kevin was interviewed by the popular alternative website to talk about the biggest health conspiracy, the use of cannabis, and making children's music


Savvy Radio Show

Kevin was interviewed on Savvy Radio with Christina Nitschmann to talk about the medicine industry, food corp manipulation, how new book & more


Westchester Magazine

Kevin was featured in Westchester Magazine to talk about Detoxification and Juicing.


Greenwich Press Magazine

Kevin's "sunlight cleanse" recipe was featured in Greenwich Press Magazine.


Hot 97-FM, NYC

Kevin was a panelist on the Worlds #1 Hip-Hop radio Station, Hot 97 with Lisa Evers as he shed light on weight not meaning you’re healthy, detox, Bruce Lee dying young and more.


Yoga Healer Podcast w/ Cate Stillman

Kevin Reese raps with Cate on his path from pain cave to health revolutionary. Follow his path from obesity, anxiety, cigarette addiction, and heart issues to being a self-proclaimed addict of eating the sunlight. Kevin is a detox speaker and activist motivating people experiencing deep health challenges through the stages of awakening to their future wellness. You'll love Kevin's hipster realism.


Kevin's juice recipes were featured as tops in Fairfield Country on Ilovefc.com


East Hartford Gazette

Kevin's story was featured in the East Hartford Gazette.


Reel Northeast TV

Kevin was a guest on Reel Northeast TV with Sasha Smith. They spoke about the new Three D Life book, what each "D" means, client success stories and more.


The Red Pill Podcast

Kevin was a guest on the RED PILL where he talked about the real conspiracy of the country...the medical and health field


Fox 61 TV: Stan Simpson Show

Kevin was a guest on Fox 61’s Stan Simpson Show, as he demonstrated how to make his famous “Sunlight Smoothie."



Kevin was interviewed on Hot 937’s The “Beat Of CT” to Talk About His Health Journey in Great Detail