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The Inner Peace Podcast is Growing Weekly

Even though Dr. Kevin Reese has guided and inspired thousands to reclaim their health as wellness educator, it's his own spiritual journey including a chance meeting with a wandering mystic in 2012, that has inspired these recordings.

With a calming style of speaking, Dr. Reese's intention is to bring the listener to a relaxing and meditative state while exploring such topics as self-realization, near death experiences, GOD, clean living, mindfulness & more.


Featuring Such Notable Guests As...


Rupert Spira


Dr. Bernie Siegel


Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.


Rabbi Manis Friedman



Shinzen Young

Shinzen Young


Mabel Katz


Michael Cremo


Santos Bonacci


Plus many doctors, mystics, rabbi's, near death experiencers, people of faith and more.


Clip From Episode 73:  Don Jose Ruiz explains the 5th agreement.


Clip From Episode 49:  Dr. Robert Morse explains becoming a nobody.


Clip From Episode 82:  Exploring sacred sex with Lady Shepsa Jones


Clip From Episode 72:  A convo with Veena Schlegel, who lived with the notorious Osho Rajneesh for 19 years. 


Clip From Episode 48:  John Scott ate the wrong mushroom many years ago and was sent into a near death experience where he met God. 


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