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Almost All Chronic Illnesses and Nagging Symptoms are CAUSED by Nutritional Deficiencies!

There's 90 essential nutrients that our bodies need to function properly. It's our FUEL. 

Unfortunately, due to soil depletion and corporate farming, we can't get them all from diet anymore!


Nutritional Deficiency
is a REAL Problem!

Do YOU have anything on this list?

Arthritis, Bell's Palsy, Bone Spurs, Bone Fractures, Brittle Nails, Calcium Deposits, Cartilage Damage, Cognitive Impairment, Depression, High/Low Blood Pressure, Insomnia, Irritability, Joint Pain, Kidney Stones, Ligament Damage, Muscle Cramps, Nervousness, Osteofibrosis, Osteoporosis, Panic Attacks, PMS, Prolonged Blood Clotting Time, Receding Gums, Restless Legs, Tooth Decay, Vertigo, Acne, ALS, Alzheimers, Asthma, Blood Clots, Brittle Hair, Cracked Heels, Dementia, Extended Menopause, Eczema, Fibromyalgia, Fried Food Cravings, Gallstones, Growth Retardation, Infertility, Low Libido, Low Sperm Count, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Psoriasis, Kidney Dysfunction, 
ADD/ADHD, Adrenal Failure, Anxiety, Bed Wetting, Bipolar Disorder, Cardio-vascular Disease, Depression, Diabetes, Elevated Cholesterol and Triglycerides, Fainting Spells, Fatigue, Hyperactivity, Hypoglycemia, Infertility, Learning Disabilities, Migraine Headaches, Moodiness, Narcolepsy, Night Sweats, Peripheral Neuropathy, Allergies, Athletes Foot, Belching, Bloating, Gas, Burping, Celiac, Crohn's Disease, Dermatitis, Diarrhea, Diverticulitis, Food Sensitivities, Heartburn, Hiatal Hernia, Indigestion, Irritable Bowel, Leaky Gut, Acid Reflux, Stomach or Intestinal Pain, Yeast Infections

Stomach Pain

So Whether You're Working on Reversing Nagging Symptoms or You Wish to Prevent Them...

It's Important to Get Your Machine Topped Off With the Fuel it Needs. 

Then You Have REAL Health Insurance!

Or As We Like to Call It..

Well-Being Insurance!

Immune System Health

Digestive Health

Blood Sugar Health


Skin Health

Brain Health

Heart Health


The Peace OVER Pain Nutrition Plan
Based on 3 Simple Steps

French Fries
Harvesting Vegetables


Dr. Reese has found there to be 4 kinds of foods that cause inflammation and block nutrient absorption. He has nicknamed them the "poor four." It's a must to get off of these foods for the body to take in the 90 essential nutrients it needs to regulate and heal.


Based on the pioneering work of Dr. Joel Wallach, we NEED 90 essential nutrients for our bodies to function properly. That's 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 2 fatty acids. Since we can NOT get all of these nutrients from our diet, we need to supplement. Fortunately, we have gained access to a high quality product that provides all 90 nutrients which are all properly mixed with the correct co-factors to make the science successful.

Girl Drinking Water


It's common that most people are dehydrated. In fact, sometimes you drink enough water and still have some level of dehydration because the body always finds a baseline to normalize. On our plan, we encourage you to drink proper water and at the right times.


PRESS PLAY: A Few Words From Dr. Reese About the Plan

Father and Daughter Cooking

Perhaps no Nutrition plan has ever been so simple!

You can be plant-based or animal-based. It's your choice.

Just get off of the poor four and get on the 90 essential.


We Can Partner With You

When You Work With Us

You Receive...

talking on phones

A Well-Being Consult

You'll fill out an in depth intake form and we'll go over your health history and health concerns via phone for 45 minutes

Pills on Spoons

A Customized Plan

No matter what health issue you have, we'll figure out what protocol you need to be on to promote the healing of the body. We'll create a package for you with high-quality supplements so you can purchase and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Sign Up

The Essential Food Guideline

We're taking the guess-work out with this printable in-depth food guideline that explains everything you need to know, including the foods you can eat and can't eat. 

Salmon Plate

A Customized Menu

Together, we will create a customized menu based on your lifestyle and situation so you can stick to a plan and get results. 

Taking Notes By Hand


During the weeks and months to come you may need adjustments with your supplements or menu.  We'll never abandon you!  We're here to insure your success every step of the way via email. 

Doctor Office


"It takes just a month to see some results.

It takes 3 months to see good results.

It takes 6 months to see great results. 

It takes up to a year for transformation!

The body knows how to heal, be patient and loving with yourself."

-Dr. Kevin Reese, PhD, PAS, INHC, DS

Woman Baking

Are You Ready to Take Responsibility for Your Nutrition?

Work With Dr. Reese & his team of coaches for ONLY $157

Take the next step - Simply fill out the intake form, pay the one-time consulting fee, set up your well-being consult and get started with Dr. Reese and his team today!


PRESS PLAY:  Dr. Reese Interviews Dr. Wallach


In episode # 113, Dr. Reese sits down with one of the fathers of Epigenetic's, Dr. Joel Wallach. In this recording, they talk about how Dr. Wallach cured himself of illness using nutrition at only 9 years old! They go on to discuss the 90 essential nutrients, hair mineral testing, high doses of calcium, and why many athletes don't live very long. They also shine the light on why farm animals have been cured of disease but not humans and then go over such diseases as Asthma, Dementia, Arthritis, Lupus, Diabetes, ADHD, Muscular Dystrophy and more. Plus - What role does Gluten play in having pristine health?

Arthritis, Back Pain, Bell's Palsy, Bone Spurs, Bone Fractures, Brittle Nails, Calcium Dep