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Joint Pain
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Your nutrition matters because it's the fuel that makes the body function properly. No matter what the health issue you're facing is, Dr. Reese and his coaches will create customized plans for you to increase nutrient absorption and undo inflammation so the body can regulate itself. 



Posture Alignment is the revolutionary therapy that your surgeon doesn't want you to know about! Dr. Reese will assess your body posture and show you the cause of your physical pain. Then a plan will be developed so your body can begin the process of getting back to its normal function, eliminating pain in the process. 


Meditation is not just an eastern method anymore, it's a worldwide therapy with proven results of relaxation, stress reduction and healing power. As your guide, Dr. Reese takes listeners on all sorts of healing journeys through his mediations.

Doctor Diagnosis

The Peace Over Pain Cyber Clinic w/ Dr. Kevin Reese, PhD, PAS, INHC, DS

Chronic pain and chronic illness can be corrected with our innovative therapeutic approach. And get don't even have to leave your house!

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From DJ to DR

Meet Dr. Reese:

Kevin W. Reese, PhD has guided and inspired thousands to reclaim their health through his books, seminars, and exclusive programs. But before becoming a known authority on holistic health, Dr. Reese was an unhealthy DJ on radio. His remarkable transformative story has garnered much media attention over the last ten years.


Inner Peace w/ Dr. Reese

This popular podcast features such notable guests as Rupert Spira, Mabel Katz, Shinzen Young, Don Miguel Ruiz, Gangaji & More. With a calming style of speaking, Dr. Reese's intention is to bring the listener to a relaxing & meditative state while exploring such topics as self-realization, NDE's, clean living, mindfulness & GOD. 

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Meet The Children's Health Hero, Sunlight Sonny!

It's more than just a book...

The Sunlight Sonny System is a 9-day children's health curriculum which ends with a certificate of completion. During each lesson,  the children's health hero, Sunlight Sonny, actually talks to the children. Each lesson comes with fun and engaging worksheets that are administered by parents, teachers, or guardians. This system is sure to get children to eat more fruits and veggies and put down the junk food!


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